At serenity Hospice Care Provider, We Strive to remain the provider-of-choice for loving families who desire to provide hospice and palliative care to their cherished loved one.
Our mission at Committed Care Hospice Provider is to value human life to its sacred last moments. We provide the highest standard of medical care and compassionate service to ensure that
Every family enjoys its own unique dynamic and approaches end-of-life in their own personal way. We share in the sacredness of life, the respect for dignity and understand that not

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Committed Care Hospice Provider is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to a person approaching end-of-life. This time can be a soul-enhancing experience for the terminally ill patient and family members. To us, it is more than merely coping with the symptoms of dying and the inevitable loss that each family feels when their loved one passes. It is about the journey. It is about keeping things real. Keeping them cost-effective. We keep families and friends supported in the knowledge that we are keeping their loved one as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible while promoting them to lead a purpose-driven and meaningful life at home or at hospice for the duration of their life. Our service spans the Los Angeles area, including the counties of Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles. Our staff is multi-cultural and speaks many –if not most – of the languages prevalent in Southern California.

Why Hospice

One of the most difficult decisions a family must make together is to relegate care of a loved one to a hospice team.It means that everyone must come to terms on all levels that it is time to begin the process of letting go, to acknowledge that someone so near and dear is approaching end-of-life.
Promote physical comfort and quality-of-life.
We will keep the family informed and educated.
We will procure and administer all needed medication.
Psychological, spiritual and emotional support is always available.
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